You can pay to be at the top of Google's Search Results, and it's called Google Adwords

Want to be the result first on Google Search? It's easier then you might think.

FACT: Google Adwords isn't some weird form of obscure advertising, it's usally the first result you end up clicking on when you search online. Ever notice how those top Google results have that weird yellowish background? Google Adwords is how companies everywhere are showing up first, for the search terms that bring them business. If you've got a second (well...more like a minute), reading this entire article will give you a good sense of what Goggle Adwords really is, and what it's value could be to your company.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they choose to get a website, is that they assume a website is like a store front on a busy street. It would be nice if people would just magically 'show up', but unfortunately it usually doesn't work that way. While Techniques of Search Engine Optimization can be part of the puzzle, it often takes a certain amount of time and work to show up on google for specific searches organically. Google wants to make sure that the results that show up when people try to search for something are both popular and relevant. Topically, this seems very intimidating for a business trying to 'break in' to a new market.

Whether you like it or not, the amount of traffic you get to your website, can be the difference between thousands/millions of dollars in sales, or no business at all.

Luckily there's a way around this situation, but it does require an investment. Depending on your industry and competative landscape, there's a solution that often times is one of the most sensible forms of advertising.

It's called Google Adwords...

But Before we consider Google Adwords for your business, we need to look at a few things.

1) What kind of business are you?

2) Are you trying to get local customers to your site, non-local customers, or customers from all over the world ?

3) What is the value of a single customer to your business (also what is the likelihood for repeat business from a single customer)?

4) Are people even searching for what you are selling ?(you would be suprized what the real numbers look like sometimes...)

5) What is the competition in the Google Adwords marketplace?

Can I be blunt? Sometimes it's not worth it, but sometimes, it can make you a shit ton of cash.

The truth is it can sometimes be a 'no brainer' in terms of investment vs. capital return to your business. Other times there isn't enough search volume to warrant an Adwords campaign, and other times (even including an advanced strategy) you'll simply pay to much and not make enough return for it to be worth the trouble.

That's where DREAM2PIVOT comes in.

We use advanced tools to analyze whether or not we think an adwords campaign would be a good fit for your business. We work with you to figure out what the lifetime average value of a single customer means to your business, and if your physical investment in adwords should pay off. We call this our Google Adwords Competative Analysis, and if Adwords isn't a good fit for your company we'll tell you straight to your face, so you don't waste a ton of money trying to make something work, that simply, well...doesn't.

You Promised you would tell me how adwords works, I've read half of this freakin article and...

Sorry...I'll get straight to the point!

The fundamental idea behind adwords isn't complicated. You put money into your google adwords account and google charges you when people CLICK on your ad, to go to your website. You don't get charged for your company to show up (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or whatever), you just get charged when people click on what appears to be an organic search result (which is really your adwords ad).

The Point? Every person who gets to your website via this process, will either choose to purchase, call your business phone number to learn more about what you do, email you a question, or immediatly leave.

So no matter what with adwords, you have people interested in whatever it is you do/sell looking at your page, and if your website doesn't suck and your offer is reasonable, a certain percentage of these people looking at your company, will buy from you.

Basic principles of math can show an example of how adwords could be beneficial to a business.

Imagine you are a Contractor, and the average value of a single customer is between 60-200 thousand dollars.

Also understand that every new person coming to your website, from someone searching for 'CONTRACTORS EUGENE', is possibly a new customer.

You now have to ask yourself, if you knew that 1 out of every 50 people clicking on your ad from the targeted phrase “CONTRACTORS EUGENE”, was going to turn into a new customer, then how much would you be willing to pay per click?

In this very specific example (this is example), given that 1 out of every 50 clicks directly resulted in a new customer for your contracting business, then it would not be unreasonable to pay what APPEARS TO BE a rediculous amount per click (lets say...a made up number like, 20 dollars per click).

This example is a unique one, and keep in mind that sometimes you will only need to pay .30 cents a click, depending on the search phrase.

Are you out of your MIND? 20 dollars for ONE SINGLE VIEW OF MY SITE?

don't think emotionally, look at the math below.

20 dollars per click through from Ad to your Site x 50 clicks = 1000k investment

but hey, don't forget...

1000 dollar investment = 60-200 thousand dollars in PROFIT

Does it always cost 20 dollars per click? No, that was just a stupid example.

The marketplace dictates how much google will charge on a 'per click' basis for results shown from specific keywords typed into the google search engine. It goes up and down like the stock market. This means for your ad to show up as a first or second place result (which strategically isn't always what you want, believe it or not), you may pay 70 cents for a single click.

3 hours later you might pay 30 cents.

Luckily you have control over a maximum value you are willing to pay for a single click, for a given key phrase, and you have full control over budgeting and all that kind of stuff.

Given the above scenario I can set my max CPC (cost per click) at 80 cents for “BLUE WIDGETS EUGENE”, meaning that while the market may go up and down, I will never pay MORE than 80 cents, and sometimes I may only have to pay 10 cents, if no one else is competing with me at a specific period of time.

Finding a 'sweet spot' is crucial to the success of your campaign, and that comes down to a bunch of number cruncing that we can take care of for you.

This Explanation seems really topical, is it?

Yeah it is, but if we made it too complicated would you still be reading?

Google Adwords gives you fancy pantsy advanced configuration options that allow you to have control over things like, should your ad show up only in the United States, only in Australia, or only in a specific ZIP code? Should your ad show up during specific times (lets say you only want the ad to show during your specific store hours of operation, Pacific Standard Time), should your ad be shown not on mobile devices and tablets, or not at all? That's only a smidgen (yes, i used the word 'smidgen') of all the crazy and advanced configuration options you can set up to dial in all the variables, so the money you spend per click is:

1) Serving Ads to the Correct Audience

2) Optimized so that all the money your spending pays off with the highest percentage possible.

Adjustments can be made at any moment to tweak your campaign for ultimate performance.

At PIVOT2DREAM our experts can help you manage this process.

Conclusion: We're here to help you (if you want whatever)

But seriously, If you have a budget and want us to share some success stories with you, give us a call and we'll see if Adwords is a good fit for your company, we might be able to help you grow your companies' business.