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Technologies utilized

PHP, jQuery, bootstrap.css, jQuery Mobile, highcharts.js library, SQL relational database architecture

Supported Platforms

Android and iPhones, tablet computers, desktop computers

The Problem Athletrack Solves

A personal trainer's time is a valuable commodity. Athletrack turns one trainer into many, and broadens the market of any Gym or fitness center, using the power of mobile and web technologies. The truth is most people don't opt into personal training programs, but that's only because they can't afford the one-on-one attention. What if you could pay a fraction of the price and have a 'virtual trainer' not only create personal training and diet programs, but also give you advice on proper training techniques. Aaron DuChateau of pivot2dream, was a key player behind the inter workings of advanced tracking, calendaring, and charting, that make a rich and powerful application.