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Production Status

An absurd, yet casual beta.

Technologies utilized

PHP with Codeigniter, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap (for porting web technologies to mobile devices), SQL, HTML5, javascript

Supported Platforms

Android and iPhones, tablet computers, desktop computers

The Problem Barnlight App Solves

Striking up a conversation with strangers around you isn't always a good idea. Unless your using the Barnlight App.

Often times when you work (or read) at a coffee shop or bar, you might welcome a conversation, but only if the following criterina are true: a) you get to talk about topics that you are interested in (or topics that could benefit you in some way) & b) if i'm not interested in the conversation, then I have an easy way to avoid it. The Barnlight App uses geolocation through your mobile device or IP address, to bring up the available conversations around you, and then browse and filter those conversations before you become involved. This product is currently in beta.