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Awards took fourth in the Willamette Angel Investor Concept Stage Competition, and currently has a few hundred users. The rights to belong to geniusmediasolutions, but Aaron DuChateau (Now founder/owner of Pivot2Dream) was an integral part of the technology behind the product.

Technologies utilized

PHP, jQuery, Amason SES, Twillio API, bootstrap.css, SQL relational database architecture

Supported Platforms

Android and iPhones, tablet computers, desktop computers

The Problem Solves

What is a Business Card? Doesn't it seem a bit archaic that in a world full of technology we still proceed with handing someone you want to do business with a piece of...paper? The goal of was to marry the process of managing a new business lead, with the process of meeting one in the first place.

The Business Card

The business card is unlike any business card you have ever used before, because it lives in the cloud, but is accessed through your phone. Imagine having that first conversation where you meet a potential client, and rather then exchanging a piece of paper, you actually inject them directly into your contact resource manager. leverages the power of the Twillio text message api, scan-able qr codes, and the functions already built into your phone to spring board that first conversation into a new contact.

The Contact Resource Manager completed re-invented the concept of the CRM (contact resource manager), to make your contacts work for you (rather then against you). The concept of a lightweight CRM was to eliminate the vast amount of features that a product like sales force offers, while adding some thoughtful new ones. Text message follow up reminders and and automatic email follow up (utilizing the amazon SES service) were just a few of these features.