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Staying on track in design, architecture and function

The point of a website is to either perform an automated task effectively and efficiently, or to act as a sales brochure for your company or organization. Often times these two things are one in the same.

Our company was founded in 1867 by Jebediah Jenkins, when Jebediah met Mah Smith, they had an idea for....


Look around the web, and often times the first thing you see is exactly what was written above, irrelevant and non sales driven pictures and copy that distract your user from the one goal your website really should have! To get people to buy whatever it is you are selling, so your company can be successful.

When we at Pivot2Dream take on a new project we think thoughtfully about your user's sales experience, to create something that is not only beautiful to look at, but functional as a sales tool. You would be amazed at how many large organizations forget some of the most important sales functions of a website (like prominently displaying both phone number and contact information).

Even if I love whatever it is you are trying to sell me, make me search for a way to contact you, and you may have just lost the sale. At Pivot2Dream we think about a user's experience within the context of your brand and sales goals, to ensure that you get the maximum return on your website.

Maybe part of your projects goal is to create a custom cloud based business solution. At Pivot2Dream we take on the challenge of digging deep down into process optimization. Our team has years of experience taking clunky and redundant processes, and trimming them down into fast and efficient machines of production.

Our team members have done this both off and online, so if your goal is to take that piece of paper that gets handed to 7 team members before finally being rewritten and filed, we should definitely have a talk about that.

If you want to put pictures of your cat on your companies web page, we probably arn't the best choice to take on a project from your company (unless of course, you happen to sell...cats).

We think that finding the right type of customer is just as important as you finding the right development company.

If our company isn't a good fit to reach your goals, we'll be the first to let you know!